R gMCP bundle

If you have not R already installed, you can download R, gMCP and all dependencies from the following zip file:


Unzip it and double click on the R.exe in folder "bin" to bring up an R console with an automatically started gMCP GUI.

If you have an 64-bit Windows system, please start the RGUI 64-bit if your Java Runtime Environment is also 64-bit. If the installed Java is 32-bit please run the 32-bit R.

If you have any trouble with our program please write us at help@small-projects.de or use the following form:


Optional email address:

There are further installation hints provided here, but please don't hesitate: You can just contact us, if problems occur. We are eager to help.

All versions of gMCP can be found on CRAN's archive of gMCP as well as from the r-forge subversion repository. We also supply an archive of old bundled versions.